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Dating Site For Married And Looking People Seeking Affairs

Some marriages are just not meant to be. As a result, either these marriages break up or those in the relationship put their statuses as married and looking. To join

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When some marriages do not work out, only two options remain – either to break out of that marriage or to remain married and looking for an affair. What it means basically, is that without coming out of the marriage, a person is looking to get involve

d in another relationship – be it long term or short term, serious or casual. With the stress factor increasing daily in today’s relationships, thanks to the fast-paced modern life, couples today are not reluctant to give up the burden of staying committed. Many also go for divorce, but needless to say, that itself has hassles of its own, not to mention legal complications.

Married and looking couples enjoying play online

So without going into the long-drawn legal battles regarding property claims etc., which can be psychologically tormenting, many couples work it out among themselves to continue to be married and looking for no strings attached play. So, while they remain married in the eyes of the society, they sever all romantic or sexual attachments that they might have had earlier and get on with their lives as if they are single. It is a kind of virtual singleness. They chat online, especially on dating sites and try to meet someone interesting or good-looking, as the priority may be. Then, they also look to hook up with that person, whether at home or outside, like in a hotel or elsewhere.

Those who are hoping to have an affair, may also look to get involved in either serious relationships or casual flings, with no strings attached. It depends on the individual. And some may even want one-night stands only. Which is why, people who are cheating rarely date known people. They prefer unknown people because of this reason only – that they do not want to face any embarrassment or get into any emotional entanglement any more. People who want uninterrupted happiness, without the complications of commitment, are usually more likely to do this.

Illicit married and looking dating website

The reasons for engaging in so-called illicit relationships could be many. Some people are habitually polygamous, so they lose interest in a single partner very quickly. It is true that such people usually avoid long-term relationships and especially life-long commitments such as marriage, but still mistakes can always happen. Other reasons include lack of spice in the sex life and steady decay of love and affection in the relationship, thereby making it stale and boring. You can of course try to fix this with therapy but sometimes this is not an option, sometimes you still love your partner and want to stay with them but  you need to satisfy an urge that you have inside yourself and this can only be resolved with a one time secret encounter.

Because people who are married and looking would certainly want the extramarital meetings and hook-ups to be discreet, the dating websites are also specially designed and maintained to ensure full secrecy of personal information. has become the worlds foremost adult dating website for extramarital affairs over the past few years, one of the great aspects about this website is that they have members from all over the world and they are all seeking no strings attached play.