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Single women for married men

A whole lot of people really do not know why a great number of single women go for married men instead of going with a single guy but they do. The trend of single women for cheating men has been increasing in every society and mostly young girls who are in their mid-20’s prefer to go with men who are married. The following are some of the reasons why the single women looking for cheating men trend is always rising:

  • Single women are looking for a casual affair:

No one wants to be alone; everyone wants someone on their side to satisfy their physical and emotional needs. A woman who is more career oriented prefer to go with a married man, just because they don’t want to get involved in long term relationships or they don’t think it is the right time to start a serious affair, and for that they choose to go with men who are married, as they can start a casual affair with them.

  • Don’t want to get bound that early:

Having an affair with a single guy might lead to marriage and kids, and this thing can surely bound women to achieve their goals, therefore single women for cheating men is the order of the day, as in such type of affair they don’t become constrained in anyway and can achieve their desired goals while limiting their relationship.

  • Not ready for a serious relationship:

Women who prefer to follow the trend of single women for married men are mostly the one who are not ready to start a serious relationship or are confused in this regard. Therefore in order to get out of their confusion and experience the fun of the relationships they prefer to date cheating men, as in this way they are able to learn all the ups and down’s of the relationship.

  • To save one from Live-in relationships:

Most women do not prefer to go into relationships, as they find it difficult to cope up with that, therefore they prefer to go with a married man instead of a single guy, just because a married man would never ask them to share a boarding, as he also needs to cope up with his family life. In order to save one self from live – in relationships women prefer to go with men in relationships instead of a single guy.

  • Limited or no restrictions:

Having an affair with a cheating man allows a woman to live her life freely, just because a  man cheating would never impose too many restrictions on her and she will be allowed to live her life in her own way. Other than that she is not bound to give time to the married man. However in the case of a single guy everything is completely opposite, therefore career oriented woman do not prefer to go with a single guy in the early years of her career life.

Single women for cheating men trend is surely on a high rise these days and a whole lot of women are interested in going with married men instead of single guys, as a whole lot of benefits are connected with a married man that cannot be availed by being in a relationship with a single guy.

Are single women looking for married men hard to find?

Nowadays we have seen a growing trend in single women looking for extramarital affairs. There are numerous reasons for this strange trend. One of the reasons could be the disturbed. Now there are more women and lesser men. Statistics show that every man can marry at least two women. As there are more cheating women these days, they might not be left any other choice but to seek out extramarital affairs.

Apart from that there are many other reasons for this trend.

  • According to a study made by university of Louisville, single women looking for extramarital affairs are indulging in mate copying which means that if a man is with another woman it means he is worthy of it as he might possess some qualities which impress her. This just creates a wish to run after the same man just because he has been successful in making one woman fall in love with him. In other words he has been tried and tested if he is good to his wife he can be good to her as well.
  • Single women looking for married men might be looking for some challenge or thrill in it just for the sake of fun. Now women find it easier to get into a relationship in which there are no strings attached. Single women looking for extramarital affairs might just want to be independent and only have some support in the form of a cheating man as the man might also want some relationship without any responsibilities as he already has a lot.
  • Another main reason of single women looking for married men is that she might be attracted to his money. That is why she does not bother if he is married or single she just is interested in his money. For that matter the guy just gets carried away by her charms and keeps on spending listlessly on her. As long as is that she might find him handsome and could not resist but falling in love with him. Now here we can’t blame either of the two. Falling in love is somewhat an involuntary experience so it just happens and the person can’t control herself or himself for that matter.
  • Falling genuinely in love with a married man is quite rare nowadays as single women might just want to have some romance or dating partner and if they can’t somehow find a single partner they could just get hold of whatever comes easily their way and there is a lot of possibility it might be a married man.

There is no hard and fast rule to single women looking for no strings attached play, but they can have different motivations and reasons for doing so. Some single women might have failed in getting a single partner and have become over aged are some reasons they look for men in a relationship as these men might be more accommodating than single men. Whatever the reason it surely is a danger for the social fabric.

Why a great number of women looking for married men at work?

These days the trend of women looking for affairs at work has become way much common, as you can find this thing in almost every office that the office colleagues are having an affair with each other. Another odd thing is that both married and unmarried women are mostly looking for a married man at their work place instead of a single guy.

A great number of people don’t even know why a women looking for cheating men at work is becoming more common than searching for a single guy at work place, as a whole lot of benefits are attached with a single guy. A single guy is normally young and healthy and can satisfy a woman’s needs in a better way as compared to the elderly one, as he is energetic and has much more stamina. A whole lot of married men who are having affairs at their work place with married or single woman do not know about the reason either. Following are some of the reasons why married or single woman might be looking for married men at work.

  • To get a raise or promotion:

Getting a raise and a promotion is everyone’s desire; some get it through the hard work while others try for an easy way. It is surely an easy way to get a raise and promotion by having an affair with the boss or any other senior official of the company, as that senior official would be able to deliver them what they really want. Most of the senior officials or executive officers are usually married or are well established and are able to deliver them what they desire that is raise and promotion, therefore ladies looking for no strings fun at work is on the rise. One of the reasons for this thing is that elderly or attached men are considered way more successful, however it’s just one women’s point of view.

  • To satisfy their sexual needs:

Most of the married women who are not satisfied with their sexual lives but still want to cope with their husband and family are also looking for married men at work to build a new sexual relationship.

Women are interested in going with a married men because they think it is safe for them to go with such a guy who already possesses a family, as in their relation both would be cautious enough and will try their best to keep their relation a secret, and their relation would only be targeted towards satisfying their sexual needs nothing more! However in the case of a single guy, he might get attached to her who will cause woman a whole lot of trouble therefore to avoid this scenario married women try to go with a married men. This is one of the biggest reasons why women looking for married men at work is becoming common.

No matter whatever the reason is married men cheat, all of them are tough and can cause a whole lot of problems for both parties if they get exposed in front of their respective families, as this thing will cause a devastating blow to both the families which might lead to the divorce.